Not just Die Design but Die Engineering.


Not just Die Design but Die Engineering, as a complete solution is our strength. We recommend the right Method Plan and Die Layout which is optimized for the geometry of the Product and available Press line at the Customer.

We Add. Value. to our customers because they get classical knowledge based solutions which is also verified by computer aided Formability Analysis. And during this process we take care of every possible,

  • Springback compensations needed to get the right tolerances
  • Material cost saving by having optimised Blank shape and the right part orientation
  • Tooling cost saving, by comibining operations or directly by optimising design

Either it is for Progressive Dies or Transfer Dies or Tandem Dies, our Engineers bring the same solutioning mind set also in the design of the Dies.

Since the design is completely parametric and completely based on the product data, we are able to make quick changes in the design for a quicker reaction and feedback, which reduces lead time. And when some of our Engineers can work in the back office in India, we can take direct advantages of time difference and further reduce our reaction time, on top of cost savings for our customers because of Low Cost Country advantages.

Since we have a strong Robotic Simulation team for Body Shop projects, we are easily able to simulate Robot reach and collision free movement for Tandem Press Lines.

The biggest advantage is when we are involved in Press Shop Engineering and Body Shop Engineering for the same Assemblies / Parts. This way the customer can have a lot of synergy advantages from Simultaneous Engineering, saving time and reducing communication losses. Also the decision making process is simplified, since all responsibilities are then under one roof.


Method Plan & Die Layout

Formability Analysis

Die Design

Tandem Press Tools

Checking Gauges

Robotic Simulation


Catia v5

Siemens NX


Process Simulate Robcad

Want to learn how we can bring to you, our Press Shop competencies, in a Large Project?


Each process is about meeting a Production Target.

Of course, there are other constraints e.g. level of Automation, available space, …

We help the Robots find the optimum solution.

And also speed, so that each equipment in the Cell, including the Robots, are effectively utilized.

Each Tool is special and unique.

And that’s why we design each Tool for its own unique function. We see what is the process …

We always execute the projects with continuous improvement.

We take your design to the next level where safety, reliability, comfort and economic efficiency are the central criteria.

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