Add. Value.



Add. Value. is our practice framework which defines the necessary steps, through which we drive value from our deepest core (which is our people) to our ultimate destination (which is our Customer).

This is a 6 stage process. At each stage we add a certain amount of value and take it forward to the next stage. How we add value is controlled by some processes which are mapped to each of these stages. Also there are KPIs, that are measuring our performance as well as our continuous improvement on these processes.

In the end, our measurement parameters are very simple. We watch only 2 parameters,

  1.  Happy Customers
  2.  Successful Customers


And when we feel that our efforts have made them Happier and More Successful, then we are sure that we have Added. Value.

Watch it in Action

Want to learn, how we can Add. Value. to your Large Project ?