We match the pace of your Manufacturing Engineering to the Product Development.


We match the pace of your Manufacturing Engineering to the Product Development. And many times, we keep you one step further. By giving the right engineering feedback that reduces the number of loops and alerts the product development team about upcoming manufacturing challenges.

Our engineering feedback is based on our deep knowledge on latest technologies, e.g. Aluminium Riveting, Roller Hemming, Laser Welding, etc, where we decide how the joinaries are to be spread over the entire chain of Assembly, so that the Line is balanced for optimum usage of the Tools, Robots and Operators.


We also recommend various process changes needed to achieve the target production rate. Our Engineers create the entire production process in latest Simulation softwares, e.g. Process Simulate, Delmia, etc. so that we can show to our customers the complete process in a Digital environment.

At a detail level, we decide the product build sequence and panel orientation, etc. for the optimum and cost effective Tool / Robot / Operator requirement.


Study of production
Volume & model mix

Study of Part’s design &
Feedback on manufacturing feasibility (DFM)
Recommendation for changes

Study of assembly design
Feedback on assembly feasibility

Finalization of part
assembly process &
complete product tree

Process definition,
ergonomics, cycle time studies

Optimization of spot welds

Spot access feasibility
Spot welding sequence

Dimensional Variation Studies
What-if & Aesthetics Studies


Catia v5

Siemens NX


Process Simulate Robcad
Process Designer

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Each process is about meeting a Production Target.

Of course, there are other constraints e.g. level of Automation, available space, …

Each Tool is special and unique.

And that’s why we design each Tool for its own unique function. We see what is the process …

We help the Robots find the optimum solution.

And also speed, so that each equipment in the Cell, including the Robots, are effectively utilized.

We recommend the right Hemming Solution.

Based on the geometry of the Product, cycle time, available area, planned capex, …

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