We recommend the right Hemming Solution.


We recommend the right Hemming Solution, based on the geometry of the Product, cycle time, available area, planned capital expenditure and customer‘s wishes.

Starting from Hemming Method Plan and then to the Hemming Forming Analysis, followed by the next steps of Tool Design & Robot Simulation until Online Robot Teaching, we can do complete engineering for these topics as one complete package.

This simplifies the communication flow, reduces turn around time, and keeps responsibility in one place. This results in a direct Add. Value. for the customers.

Over the years, we have developed our own Roller Hemming Heads that can be directly ordered off the shelf.

Most interesting is, of course, our own patented, 180⁰ Hemming Head. This special system has huge cost saving and versatility of use as it,

1.Eliminates the use of a supporting bed (conventional approach)

2.The same Hemming Head can be reused from one area to the other.

3.Can be easily programmed for different applications

4.Can be controlled in very fine steps, until desired quality is achieved

This 180⁰ Hemming Head can be directly used for Hemming of Wheel House & Door Opening, especially during Prototype stages when speed & cost are key drivers for a choice of Hemming solution.


Hemming Method Plan

Hemming Simulation with FEM
Recommendations for Flange

Table top Hemming

Hybrid Hemming

Bow Hemming

Marriage Stations

Corner Notching

Roller Hemming Fixtures

Roller Hemming Heads

Robotic Simulation
Path Optimization


Catia v5

Siemens NX

Process Simulate Robcad


Want to learn how we can bring to you, our Hemming competencies, in a Large Project?


We help the Robots find the optimum solution.

And also speed, so that each equipment in the Cell, including the Robots, are effectively utilized.

Not just Die Design but Die Engineering.

We recommend the right Method Plan and Die Layout which is optimised for the geometry of the Product…

Each process is about meeting a Production Target.

Of course, there are other constraints e.g. level of Automation, available space, …

Each Tool is special and unique.

And that’s why we design each Tool for its own unique function. We see what is the process …

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