Vadivel Murugan

SACHA Engineering

Responsible for all our deliveries in India and in the UK for Projects, as well as for Services. Vadivel always has a solution ready for you.


Vadivel is responsible for the delivery of Projects to the expectations of our global customers from our India Delivery center. Fueled by the belief “What gets measured gets Managed“ he drives the delivery team for a consistent delivery through a Sustainable Delivery Model.

He leverages his 20 years of experience in Robotic Simulation, Tool Design, Project Management, Key Account Management to “Add Value“. Because of his past experiences with a large OEM, GM, three large engineering companies, RLE, Geometric and Hirotech; Vadivel is able to garner the needs of different customer base.

With the profound ability to understand the needs of the three pillars of our business namely The Customer, The Team, The Company, Vadivel ensures the alignment towards the common goal of successful project delivery.

Vadivel currently lives in Bangalore with his wife and a son. He enjoys seaking inner peace through yogic practices and listening to speaches of motivational speakers.


University of Madras
Executive General Management

Annamalai University
Master of Business Administration

PMI Institute
Project Management Professional

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