Putting together, Manufacturing Planning and Product Development


Putting together all our experience of Manufacturing Planning and Product Development, we are able to bring the most optimal solution for the Final Assembly area.

From our Manufacturing Planning side, our Simulation capabilities help us to Virtually Build the complete Final Assembly line in 3D. This way, we can not only clearly visualize but also analyse the Assembly Line, for Cycle Time, Through put, Layout placements, etc.

One of the most critical topics here is, of course, Operator‘s Health & Safety. For this we are running various Man, Tool & Job assessments, to check both Operator Ergonomics as well as, Operator Fatigue.

From our Product Development side, our 3D Tolerance Variation Analysis helps us predict the Gap & Flush behaviour of large assemblies. Then we can go backwards and recommend the optimum Locator Plan.

Also, we can use our experience on Vis Mock-up to understand the clearances either for fitment of large assemblies with each other. And also for the operator & nut-runner‘s access, in tight difficult corners.

All this we can further support by providing right documentations around all these topics. Small but not insignificant are the Specifications for Fasteners and also the torque requirements for their optimum tightening levels.


Virtual Build
New Product Introduction
Assembly sequence

Digital Pre-Assembly
Measure & Confirm clearances
Static & Dynamic Study

Plant Layout
3D & 2 D

Cycle Time Calculation
Throughput Analysis &

3D Tolerance Analysis
Dimensional Variational Analysis
Locator plan optimization

Man, Tool & Job assessment
Fatigue assessment
Lifting & Lowering assessment

Fasteners (Bolts & Nuts) Specifications,
Torque values & Gun definition




Catia v5

Siemens NX

Vis Mock-up
Vis VSA Factory CAD,
PD, PS, Robcad


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Each process is about meeting a Production Target.

Of course, there are other constraints e.g. level of Automation, available space, …

We help the Robots find the optimum solution.

And also speed, so that each equipment in the Cell, including the Robots, are effectively utilized.

Each Tool is special and unique.

And that’s why we design each Tool for its own unique function. We see what is the process …

We always execute the projects with continuous improvement.

We take your design to the next level where safety, reliability, comfort and economic efficiency are the central criteria.

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