We recommend the right Design Solution.


We design in-sync with styling to develop Exterior & Interior Trims systems. Our core design experiences on plastic tooling integrates cost effective design solutions for B-side features.

We not only provide engineering design but also proof of concepts for critical joineries without compromising on geometrical and functional requirements.

Exterior design of Bumper includes complex assemblies of Parts. Our design provides you with Active & Passive safety requirements, Packaging & Integration considering Commonization of fascia parts for all variants.

Since our design is completely parametric and linked to Styling data, we can make quick changes in the design for a quicker reaction and feedback, which reduces lead time for updates.


Styling Study
Concept Design
Packaging & Integration
Master Sections
Interior Soft & Hard Trims
A, B, C Pillars
Headliners & Carpets
Exterior Elements
Instrument Panel
HVAC Ducts
Black Plastics
Gap & Flushness
Parting Line Study
Locator Strategy
Tooling Concepts


Siemens NX

Want to learn how we can bring to you, our Exterior & Interior Trims competencies, in a work package ?

We always execute the projects with continuous improvement.

We take your design to the next level where safety, reliability, comfort and economic efficiency are the central criteria.

We help create optimal BIW Product Solutions

An excellent body in white should be structurally stiff, overall light weight and manufacturing wise cheaper to produce.

We match the pace of your Manufacturing Engineering to the Product Development.

And many times, we keep you one step further, by giving the right engineering feedback to the product development team about upcoming manufacturing challenges.

We recommend the right Hemming Solution.

Based on the geometry of the Product, cycle time, available area, planned capex, …

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