Stefan Lieschke

Managing Director,
Bauer Engineering

Responsible for the German team, Bauer Engineering. Stefan is always eager to listen to you and bring solutions for you.


Stefan is responsible for the German Operations, i.e. both Revenue and Profit & Loss. He is always eager to listen to you and bring solutions for you.

He has been the Managing Director of Bauer Engineering since 2015.  Mr. Bauer chose Stefan to lead the company after his retirement because he had seen him excel in all the topics, ever since he started working there in 2003. His progressive mind set and modern outlook, was perhaps the key for his fast growth. He not only learned the skills of a technical draftsman, but also studied mechanical engineering and computer science in Trier. During the years, he gained experience in the field of Hemming technology and was able to greatly expand his knowledge on BIW Tool Design and Robotic Simulation.

Under his leadership, Bauer has grown both on the technical side, as well as on business side. He grew the core competence of Hemming to deeper levels by adopting newer technologies, e.g. Autoform, Ansys, etc. And he expanded the company into new markets, with lots of success especially in China.

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