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An excellent body in white should be structurally stiff, overall light weight and manufacturing wise cheaper to produce. And these are the factors which our engineers always trying to balance while designing each sub-system or each individual component.

Our design is backed by simultaneously running CAE checks to constantly evaluate that we are meeting the load requirements while we keep optimizing the geometry for weight reduction or for the use of different material mix or bringing in the new joining technologies.

Overall cost reduction is further strengthened by variant control which is easier with our design so that more and more common parts can be used across the platform. We understand the design and package them according to geometrical and functional requirements.

Our core experience in Body in White & Closures design will support you from Concept to Production. We have experience in working with major OEMs & understand their release gateways and their requirements.


Styling Study
Concept Design
Packaging & Integration
Master Sections
Material Mix
High Strength Steel
Tailor Rolled Blanks
Partial Tempering
CAE Supporting Optimisation
Formability Analysis
Stiffness & Load Distribution
Body Structures
Stoss Points
Glass Drop Study
Digital Mockup


Siemens NX

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We always execute the projects with continuous improvement.

We take your design to the next level where safety, reliability, comfort and economic efficiency are the central criteria.

We recommend the right Design Solution.

We design in-sync with styling to develop Exterior & Interior Trims systems.

We match the pace of your Manufacturing Engineering to the Product Development.

And many times, we keep you one step further, by giving the right engineering feedback to the product development team about upcoming manufacturing challenges.

We recommend the right Hemming Solution.

Based on the geometry of the Product, cycle time, available area, planned capex, …

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