Vipeen Sadawarte

SACHA Engineering

Responsible for all our deliveries from Pune. Also responsible for all Customers in the West and North of India.


Vipeen is leading a team of professional engineers from Pune location in India to ensure high quality work , performance management, timely deliveries , cost control and keep everyone engaged and aligned with company’s goal.

Vipeen has 19+ years of experience in Manufacturing Engineering as a Program Leader & Engagement and Business Development manager when come to business mining.  Vipeen has Global experience of 10+ years of working in UK, Germany and Sweden and   successfully delivered various strategic engagements. He holds Distinction in Production Engineering.

Vipeen has led and delivered many projects in Manufacturing Engineering across various industries, Automotive/Aerospace/Locomotive/FMCG/ Logistics, for different clients which typically starts from Concepts to SOP

Vipeen believes in Strong and quality deliveries to builds stronger Customer relationship, logical activity breakups to maintaining timeline and cost, His experience in Digital Manufacturing, Process Planning & Robotics Simulation helps him to stick to his belief.

Vipeen currently lives in Pune with his wife, son and parents.


Pune University, India
Bachelor of Engineering, Production Engineering

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