SACHA Engineering have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hilo EV, a company co-founded by EV industry leader Dr. Andy Palmer.

This partnership will bring Hilo’s innovative Intelligent Road Illumination System (IRIS) technology to the Indian and South Asian markets, leading to an accelerated product and manufacturing development process.

The IRIS technology will significantly increase the safety of drivers and riders, ultimately reducing accidents.

With SACHA’s extensive presence in India and a track record of successful partnerships with global OEMs, we are confident that this partnership can accelerate the development process and support with access to this vital market.

You can read the full press release article here


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Excited to share with you the growing possibilities in our Product Engineering Business in United Kingdom & India. This will complement SACHA’s core business in Manufacturing Engineering. Things are working to the plan & we expect to have significant growth in Product Engineering Business. The market is full of opportunities and we, at SACHA, are embarking on this exciting journey.

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