Engineer, Quality (Job ID: P26)

Vijaya Kumari   11-02-20


BE or Diploma or GTTC in Mechanical Engineering

You need to have a minimum 5 – 7 years of experience in 2D checking and Manufacturing process.



  • Should possess good knowledge in GDT,Manufacturing process, heat treatment, Engineering materials
  • Be familiar with BIW standards like-NAAMS, MD1,FORD,AUDI,BMW etc.
  • Familiar with 2D detailing checking of parts like weldment, Casting,etc used in BIW fixtures design
  • Familiar with 3D checking of assembly like Clamp unit, Pin unit, Dump unit, Base unit, Turn table frame and Slide unit.
  • Must possess  keen attention to Details.
  • Good knowledge in manufacturing process and material selections.


You are required to have full knowledge in GDT, manufacturing process and experience required in 2D Checking and should be familiar with 3D checking of assembly.


You will be responsible for the correctness of the tool (2D & 3D).
You will also be required to check for manufacturing feasibility, assembly feasibility and ease of maintenance, proper selection of material and heat treatment as per application.
You will be required to provide solution for ease of manufacturing & optimisation of designs.


Based on your performance, you can progress to the role of Senior Engineer, Quality or Team Lead, Quality.

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